Colorado Elopement Videographer & Photographer

Epic Endeavours


To all the wonderful couples out there looking for a photographer and videographer, welcome to our passion! We love capturing moments of genuine love and laughter. We also love adventure and travel, which is great for couples who want that breathtaking view for their elopement or just for a fun photoshoot!

Our main job and priority from the business side of things is to make our couples feel comfortable and giving a great experience. We strive to get some kind of connection on our shoots, so we are not complete strangers who show up, take your money, tell you to smile and leave. This should be your favorite experience, and we would like to be a part of that and leave as friends instead of “that one photographer and videographer.”

Our main goal from the photo and video side of things is to make you fall in love with the story we capture, which is your love for each other! We will do everything we can to make your day a wonderful experience! Whether it’s an engagement, an elopement, a wedding, or just a photoshoot for fun, capturing your beautiful moments will be our #1 focus!

Who are we?

We are a husband and wife duo who found a passion in the field of creating art and capturing intimate memories! We are in our early twenties and have two fur babies! Artem is the videographer who makes your moments relivable and brings both laughter and smiles to your face and tears of joy to your eyes! Ana is the photographer who captures your most lovely moments and allows you to frame them and to look at them forever. Read more about us here!

What Services Do We Offer?

Adventure Elopements

Photography, Videography, Florals, Planning! Instead of speak with 4 separate vendors about your dream day, we offer you the opportunity to have our team do all the work. We work with you, in the attempt to bring less people into your special day, not to mention, a lot less stress too!

Intimate and Traditional Weddings

Photography & Videography! With weddings being such a big and long event, we do our professional job of getting you to smile in front of the camera, along with your family and friends!

Engagements/Couple Shoots

Photography & Videography, want to make it special or epic? Let’s plan something out! We love traveling and going to those places that everyone dreams of having as a background. We would love to go and take a few shots in your dream location, whether it’s for those gorgeous engagement photos you will be showing everyone or just a few to frame up in your home!