What exactly is an elopement?

We get this question all the time, what is an elopement? If I had to describe and elopement in three words, it would be adventurous, personable, and intimate. An elopement is when the bride and groom decide they want to get married, but don’t want or can’t afford the big, tradition wedding. It’s when the couple legally gets married either by themselves, or with some of the closest family or friends by their sides. An elopement can happen anywhere, whether it’s in the mountains of Colorado, the coast of Oregon, or even in your backyard or an airbnb. We even had a couple who planned on getting married on a skydiving field and jumping out of a plane as a celebration once they tied the knot (weather changed their plans but they still jumped the next day!) Want to make your day memorable and have an adventure of a life time? Let’s go! All you need is each other, whoever you would like to be a part of it, and someone there to capture the moments so you have them forever… thats where we come in…

Hear us out, weddings are great and it’s so much fun to celebrate with family and friends, but with elopements, you get the most intimate and cherish-able moment between each other. Elopements can be raw, genuine, tear filled, full of laughter and stress-free. They can be done with the most important people in your life, like your parents, friends, close relatives, or anyone who you couldn’t imagine getting married without, not to mention, they are much cheaper!

Don’t get us wrong, we love capturing weddings, but as a bride and groom who have planned 2 weddings (thanks Covid) we ended up eloping. When we had decided to elope, it was a very last minute decision, and we didn’t know much about it. We eloped in a courthouse, and I wish we could go back and do it differently. I wish I would have known how fun and special we could have made our elopement. We could have gone into the mountains, had more family there, and made it so much more memorable. Once we officially got into this business, we wanted to be able to provide people with an opportunity that we didn’t have. We weren’t in a place where we could afford and didn’t have time to speak with 4-7 different vendors and pay each and every one of them. We’ve been there… where we’ve wanted something special but just simply couldn’t afford it, which is why we have created our all inclusive, budget friendly, elopement package.

With elopements being so small, we can help with so much more than just breathtaking photos and videos, we can help you plan the event, with flowers, day of plans and decorations! Instead of hiring a team of 4-7 people, you could get a team of 2-3 people, making this day so much more intimate for you and less stressful! Not to mention, with elopements, you can choose a beautiful destination, whether its in Colorado, or wherever you would like! Whether it’s 30 minutes away from Denver or 6 hours away, we love travel and would love to assist you! Learn from our mistakes, and have the dream day of your life, on your terms and your budget.

Fun Story: We actually had an inmate in the courtroom when we were getting married, so this random person will forever be a part of our marriage story haha.